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Personal Trainer

Calisthenics, Weight Training, Athletic Training, Dietary Knowledge, Intermittent Fasting 

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Taking Responsibility for Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Discipline, Perspective and Growth.  Keep the Student Mentality.  Each One Teach One

Hybrid Athlete is a platform created to spread knowledge about health, fitness travel and Spiritual growth. We are an organization that focuses on athletic and esthetic training using Calisthenics, plyometrics, Power and Strength movements.   With an extensive portfolio of travel content on YouTube  which documents journeys all over the globe including Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Taiwan…etc.  Showing the lifestyle, culture, nightlife, food and fitness culture in every stop.  This is also a platform to inform people about healthy lifestyles such as fasting, balanced diet, mental and spiritual health.

Start with our free Daily Practice.

Our free, everyday routine is used by thousands to find freedom, develop flexibility and build strength. No equipment required.


Maintain a strong, balanced, flexible body and give your life structure. Committing to a daily practice will transform your mind, body and life.

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

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